Auditioning for ballet schools in Germany – part I

This will probably only be part I of an audition post series and I’m starting it today despite being really busy but I somehow feel like I want to start it now. I recently asked you on my Instagram what you want to know so I’m going to start with answering your questions as good … Continue reading Auditioning for ballet schools in Germany – part I

Major life update

This is just a short life update and a longer one will follow soon. Originally I didn't want to make this public before the actual thing so I don't feel more pressure than I already do but because I believe most of you already know or guessed it I wanted to share it with you. … Continue reading Major life update

Professional ballet schools in Germany

They are five major professional ballet schools in Germany. They are the best ones in Germany and aren’t private so you don’t have to pay a lot to study there. Berline State Ballet School (Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin) Hamburg Ballet School (Ballettschule Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier) Palucca University for Dance Dresden (Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden) … Continue reading Professional ballet schools in Germany


In the last days/weeks you all send me some questions that I'm now going to answer. Where do you live? In Berlin, Germany. I was born here and only moved once from a flat in a house. Even though my parents aren't Berliner I consider myself as one and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. At … Continue reading Q&A

Mystery blogger award

Thank you for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award. If you're interested in reading, writing and books (in German) you should definitely check her out. This is the blog of the Mystery Bogger Award creator I really like the idea of supporting other not so well known blogs. RULES Put the award logo/image on your blog List the … Continue reading Mystery blogger award